U.S. Cellular Customer Care Number, Toll Free Helpline Number & Customer Care Helpline Number

U.S. Cellular Corporation is a wireless phone service provider which helps people to connect to each other in highs and lows. It is a regional carrier which owns and operates the wireless telecommunication network in United States of America. The company serves 4.8 million customers in 426 markets within 23 states. Founded in 1983 , its headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

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The telecommunication giants, US Cellular, originally started with analog and Digital AMPS cell phones but later shifted to CDMA technology. It provides network like 3G for roaming basis and 4G network for general usages. Consumers trying to seek help regarding customer care services can benefit themselves by reading the information given below in this article. U.S. Cellular Helpline and customer support details can be noted down from this article.

Apart from these contact number, helpline and toll free information , the company also provides other services regarding Wireless networks. You can get each and every details given in this article.

US Cellular Products & Services

 PLANS AND SERVICES : This service is divided into three parts Plans, Data Messaging and Services which are given below.

Plans include various features which helps in customers to know about the detailed usage. It includes

Shared Connect Plans includes unlimited talk time , messaging or texting and access to tethering.

Simple Connect Prepaid Plans is useful for those who are budget conscious, safety conscious, parents providing wireless network to their kids, Business personnel for tracking their employees and vacationers’.

Individual Lines is for people using 1GB data ($60/month), 2GB data ($75/month) and Home phone calls ($19/month). All of them have unlimited talk time and texting except the latter one.

Coverage Locator  helps in viewing the signal quality through Voice or data maps when making phone calls.

Other Calling Features includes all kind of plans such as unlimited national mobile to mobile minutes for single lines in $6, unlimited night and weekend minutes starts from 7 p.m. onwards for family persons in $10, caller i.d. services to view name and number of incoming calls, call waiting for answering those calls which are engaged due to other calls, three-way calling services can be also stated as conference calling and roaming minutes.

Lifeline services are for those who are eligible for it. They have to show their family income up to a certain level (as per USA standards) so as to avail this facility.

State of Maine is for those who are residing in that particular state. Otherwise it will go into roaming networks.

Data & Messaging helps in providing better networking systems, data related issues and so on.

Managing your data helps in providing services like tiered data plans, minimizing your usage, connecting device to wi-fi and understanding the bill.

Data Estimator Tool helps in viewing your total data usage as in consumption of memory and data activities like sms sent and recieved, games, downloading, music, etc.   done in daily basis.

Tethering on Android provides you to connect internet with your PC and make a maximum use of it.

High-speed Internet Plans include data usage plans without the smartphones. You can avail any data packages starting from 300MB to 50GB plans with network settings, costs and features respectively.

Text messaging includes sending and receiving short text messages from your phone to other digital wireless networks with each message costing 25 cents . That’s it!

Picture & Video messaging helps in sharing MMS and video sending and receiving from one network to another with certain charges accordingly .

Premium Messaging includes zero payment data plans or two year contract with premium services in 4G network.

 Services includes all the beneficial services for its consumers with large range of features.

Retail Installment Pricing gives you the option to divide your payment methods in 24 month period regardless of smartphones, tablets or basic handsets.

Upgrade Program is for those people who are eligible for up gradation and this relies on the fact of credit approvals from the respective company.

Device Protection covers your device in times of mechanical or electrical breakdown, sudden damage , loss or theft, etc. It begins as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Trade in/Recycling Program helps in exchanging your old phone to any latest smartphones you are craving till date along with $300 extra .  Also, you may recycle it if you are not in a need of it anymore. A kind gesture towards environment.

International services helps you provide features like calling and texting your loved ones when away from home country.

PHONES AND DEVICES : This includes latest range of smartphones, tablets , etc. along with the details of the manufacturer anywhere in U.S.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR BILL includes different mode of payments done by the customers.

  1. Online Account Management helps you in paying your bills online . Its simple to use as in registering yourself and your account details and its in safe hands. For sure.
  2. By Phone includes payment methods via dialing #PAY#729 or 1-888-944-9400. Its absolutely free of cost.
  3. Local Store is the most used method as it includes locating a store near you and paying your bills.
  4. By Mail is one of the safest options as it helps in registering your mail i.d. and make payments.

 MY ACCOUNT helps in organizing your bill payments hassle free. Its very easy to register and know everything about your account minutely.

US Cellular Customer Care Service

U.S. Cellular Toll Free Customer Care Number:1-888-944-9400

This is a non chargeable service given to customers and can be contacted daily from 6a.m. to 11p.m. except national holidays like New Years Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, and so on.

Helpline Number of U.S. Cellular Network: 611

The above given number can be dialed without any charges daily from morning to night except registered holidays.

New and Current Customers of U.S. Cellular to Purchase Products and Services:


This service helps the customers to continue with the available beneficiaries given to the people. The services can be availed through out the week with limited timings. Monday to Friday 8a.m. to 9p.m. , Saturday 9a.m. to 7p.m. and Sunday 10a.m. to 7p.m. .

U.S. Cellular Business Customer Care Helpline Number.


The number given above are for those who wish to do business with the respective company and monetarily benefit them. They can be contacted all 7 days a week but with limited timings given same as above.

Wrap Up

Thus, U.S. Cellular provides ample of options for its customers regarding services and handling of phones or handsets. One of the leading networks of United States of America helps continuously towards its consumers in daily basis. The toll free services , helpline numbers and customer care support makes life easy and merry.

Hope, you are benefited with the details given regarding US Cellular Customer Care Number and Helpline Number along with the addresses & mail ids. So, stay clicked for other updates and do check related posts Telenor , Dialog. 

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