SHAREit For PC Can Transfer Your Files 40 Times Faster Than Bluetooth: Know More

In case you did not know, the SHAREit for PC app can transfer your files between two devices securely and without any problems. The operative word in the previous sentence is ‘securely’, as we take data security and data privacy extremely seriously. In this age of cyber security risks, data security is very important. Remember that Wikileaks has already warned us about the fallibility of data. Now, without further ado, we shall see what the SHAREit app does and how well it does it.

SHAREit for PC: Best of The Features

In case you are wondering why we recommend the SHAREit for PC app, it is because the app has a number of great features which can be accorded their due importance by almost all the users. Perhaps the best part about the SHAREit app is that it can transfer multiple files to and from multiple devices at great speeds, speeds which can often reach to up to 40 times the speed offered by Bluetooth.

Using the SHAREit app, you can send photos, videos, and even apps to any device that you like without the need to spend any money on the Internet or data charges. This is important as many such apps actually exist which charge the user for its data sending applications.

Unlike many similar applications, the SHAREit app does not use a normal Wi-Fi connection or even Bluetooth, as we have mentioned before that it is better than Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a Direct Wi-Fi connection which can tether up to 5 devices at one single point in time. Together with the fact that such a connection does not hamper the usability of your phone in any manner, this essentially means that you will be able to have better control over your devices.

SHAREit for PC application also helps you in other respects as well: it can, for example, help you clone a device and then send all the contents from one device to another safely, securely, and extremely fast. This essentially means that you will not have to manually transfer the files from one device to another. Make sure that the devices are kept in proximity, however.

Wrap up

Use it simply for the great features that it offers. The user navigation of the device is also pretty simple, so you will not face any problems. Do not forget to download the latest version of the app before you start using it. Sometimes, the latest application files are the best ones. Visit this page later for more news.

SHAREit For PC Can Transfer Your Files 40 Times Faster Than Bluetooth: Know More
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