Panasonic Customer Care Number, Toll Free Helpline Numbers

Panasonic Customer Care: Panasonic Corporation is a multinational electronic corporation based in Japan. Founded in 1918, today the company stands rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba and Canon Inc. In 2012, Panasonic was hailed as the fourth-largest television manufacturer in the world. Here you’ll find detailed information about Panasonic Customer Care Number. Be sure to check bookmark the page.

Panasonic Customer Care

Panasonic Corporation has been around almost a century and therefore has developed a large range of products, from television to digital cameras, from home appliances to personal health car products. Panasonic also has communication and security products, video game consoles and various other unbranded components.

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Panasonic’s founding after, Konosuke Matsushita was a vendor of duplex lamp sockets. Having faced poverty, hunger and death at a very young age, Matsushita had made up his mind to make something out of his life. While working for an electric light company, Matsushita made an improved version of a light socket and showed his boss. Seeing his boss shrug, he left and founded his own company in 1917. By 1927, he had launched his first product- bicycle lamps under the name ‘National’. Below are the Panasonic customer care numbers where one can call to find solutions of wide range of problems.

Panasonic Customer Care Number: Info

Panasonic Customer Care Number for Products: 1800 103 1333 / 1800 108 1333

Panasonic Customer Care Toll Free Number Business Products: 1800 419 0373

Panasonic Customer Care Email:

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Panasonic Customer Care Toll Free Number and Other Details

Matsushita, the founding father of Panasonic, had said that early on in his life he had learned an significant lesson. About the time when he had invented bicycle lamps, bicycles were only powered by candles and oil-burning lamps. The lamp that Matsushita invested was hassle-free easy to use and lasted for three hours. But although there are practically nothing in the market like that of his bicycle lamps, Matsushita found it difficult to sell his product. So instead to manufacturing he decided to pour all his concentrations on building selling channels. He went on to build retail store networks, eventually putting his company in the maps of Japanese electrical company. Check Other important details regarding the Customer Care of Panasonic in the below section.

PANASONIC Helpline Number and Service

The service centres of Panasonic are called ‘Service Plazas’ where customer care is given utmost importance. A typical Panasonic Customer car/ Service Plaza consists of reception area, demonstration area, service area, conference area, spares area and storage area. You can get the detailed information regarding it on the official homepage of Panasonic, which we shared earlier.

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